Thursday, August 21, 2008

Aerobics Classes Equivalent to Jogging

Aerobics classes have been very popular in America for over 30 years. Surprisingly, there have only been a few studies that have assessed the effects of these classes on fitness, caloric consumption and weight loss.

But I found a one...

Researchers compared four types of aerobics classes...body combat/tae bo, pump, step, and spinning....They compared it with jogging at two different speeds. Body combat, step aerobics, and spinning were equivalent to running a 12 minute mile. Pump aerobics burned fewer calories than jogging or other forms of aerobics, but produced more rounded physical fitness.

Aerobics classes are fun, build fitness, burn calories and increase cardiovascular capacity!

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Friday, August 15, 2008

Incredible Edible Chicken

Most people think the burger is America's national dish, but the rightful honor goes to chicken. We are crazy about chicken and the National Chicken Council is trying to get us to eat more of it. Chicken consumption has risen nearly 100 percent in the past 10 years. More that 20 percent of Americans eat chicken eight times every two weeks and only 8 percent eat it less than once every two weeks. Ninety percent eat chicken purchased it at restaurants, fast-food outlets or cafeterias. Fear of bird flu discouraged chicken consumption for a short time, but chicken fever is back and the popularity of the food continues!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Trans Fat Makes You Fat

Fast Foods are loaded with trans-fatty acids ( trans fats), which are the worst when you are trying to control your weight. Trans-fats are polyunsaturated oils loaded with hydrogen to preserve and harden them. High intake of trans fats increase the risk of heart disease and even some cancers. Commercially baked goods (doughnuts, cookies, crackers), fast foods, stick margarine, processed foods, and fried foods have high levels of trans fats. In a six year study, researchers at the Wake Forrest University Medical Center in North Carolina found that feeding monkeys trans fat ( 8% of caloric intake) increased abdominal fat 30 percent more than animals fed the same amount of calories, but containing no trans fats. The monkeys fed the trans fats gained weight by up to 7 percent, while the others gained only 2 percent. The trans fat monkeys also had higher sugar levels, which means they were insulin resistant.

Americans eat 12-14 percent of their calories as saturated fat and 2-3 percent as trans fatty acids. Nutritionist say that the goal should be a combined max intake of 10 percent of the total calories. People who 5 grams of trans fat per day increase their risk of heart disease by 25 percent!!!

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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Prenatal Supplements Prevent Low Birth Weight

Nearly 8 percent of children born in the United States weigh less than 5 lbs., 8 oz. Low birth weight increases the risk of mental retardation,learning disabilities, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and stroke. Infant birth weight is an important measure of the mother's nutritional and health status and the future health of the baby. Researchers found that undernourished women who took prenatal vitamins were less likely to have low birth weight infants. Women in the supplements group also gained a little more than 1 lb. during pregnancy and there babies were heavier and taller than women who didn't supplement.

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