Thursday, August 21, 2008

Aerobics Classes Equivalent to Jogging

Aerobics classes have been very popular in America for over 30 years. Surprisingly, there have only been a few studies that have assessed the effects of these classes on fitness, caloric consumption and weight loss.

But I found a one...

Researchers compared four types of aerobics classes...body combat/tae bo, pump, step, and spinning....They compared it with jogging at two different speeds. Body combat, step aerobics, and spinning were equivalent to running a 12 minute mile. Pump aerobics burned fewer calories than jogging or other forms of aerobics, but produced more rounded physical fitness.

Aerobics classes are fun, build fitness, burn calories and increase cardiovascular capacity!

If you are interested in starting an aerobics class please contact Sarah Lowe @


Dawn said...

Sarah -

I can't reach you through e-mail for some reason. Go to and type in "Klingensmith" or your own name, and the article I quoted you in will pop up.


Anonymous said...

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