Thursday, September 10, 2009

My FAVORITE new book!!! "Eat This, Not That"

Ok everyone...I have never written about a book that I have truly enjoyed....until today! : ).... I am not promoting this book for any reason except for the simple fact that I think it is great!. I was at Barnes & Noble today browsing around and stumbled upon this book called "Eat This. Not That" By David Zinczenko.....One word, AMAZING! I recommend this book to everyone! It's short, easy to read, and will help you make better choices about the food you eat. Learn about what the USDA considers "Organic" and "All Natural"...You will be amazed and horrified at the same time. For example: Did you know that the USDA doesn't carefully regulate the term "All natural"--- making it all but meaningless to the consumer! Wow!.....Please check this book out....Borrow it from the library even.... I bought it at Barnes & Noble store but I think if you purchase it online though Barnes & Noble you'll save quite a bit of money...

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