Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Busy Mom's Making Time For Fitness!

Hi Everyone!

This is my first blog and I am so excited! My famous hairstylist brother introduced me to "blogging", so be sure to check his blog out at www.billylowe.blogspot.com

I wanted to first introduce myself to everyone and give you a general idea of what I do and what my personal mission is:

My name is Sarah Lowe and I live and work in the Metro Atlanta area as a Fitness Trainer.

Before becoming a Certified Fitness Trainer, I was a Professional Swimmer, winning several awards throughout Georgia. After my swimming career, I couldn’t let my love for fitness come to an end. I decided to become a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer and educate others on what I am so passionate about. I specialize in Women's Fitness. I chose this area of expertise because I am a Mother and know first hand how difficult it can be to get back in shape after child birth. Endurance athletes train their bodies to go the distance. Moms are no different! We require the energy and the strength to remain strong, productive and positive throughout an active, and sometimes challenging, day. Then, we demand the vitality to wake up each day and do it all over again. It's a commitment to yourself to be at the top of your game not only for your family, but for you.

Okay...I'm not going to keep on and on about myself, but I did want to post a few ideas for mothers that are looking to get back in shape, but can't find the time or a babysitter!

As a busy mom, you're constantly pulled in a thousand directions and your to-do list is a mile long. As much as you may want to exercise, actually fitting it in may seem next to impossible. And yet, who doesn't want the undeniable benefits of fitness - more energy, better health and a slimmer waistline?! The good news is that there are things that you can do TODAY to get started on the path to fitness! The first step is getting rid of the all-or-none mindset. Starting small is a-ok. In fact, trying to fit in too much is what causes so many people to give up. A little bit now can evolve into more. Here are some practical ideas that you can consider for fitting more fitness into your life. You'll have to give some thought to what's going to be right for you. It could be a small step for now, or a bigger step. Either way, you'll be on the road to fitness!

Taking a Small Step

  • Invest in a pedometer. It's a great little gadget that will raise your awareness of how active you are throughout the day. The "goal" is supposed to be 10,000 steps a day (yes, ten thousand!). You may walk 3,000-6,000 per day without even trying to be more active. Why not try to bump it up by just 500 steps each week? You may be at 10,000 steps before you know it!
  • Make it a habit to take a lap around the block right after waving good-bye to the school bus.
  • Pick one exercise (such as abdominal crunches) and pick a time to do them consistently without even changing into exercise clothes.
  • Commit to always taking the stairs at work.
  • Train your little ones that you always go for a little stroller walk on the way to the playground. (Bring a special snack that you save just for your walks together.)

Tips for Taking a Bigger Step

  • Finally check out your local health club. Most have childcare on site and it's a great opportunity to meet lots of other moms trying to do the same thing as you are!
  • How about one of the women's express workout clubs? These no-frills environments are inexpensive and provide a quick taste of exercise for your busy schedule.
  • You can do a simple, yet complete exercise routine in the privacy and convenience of your own home with very little equipment.
  • Why not consider hiring a personal trainer for even just a few sessions to get you going?
  • Check out your local county recreation facility or community center. Many of them have homey and inexpensive fitness centers.

Don't Forget These Important Tips:

  • Support, support, support! Do it with a friend or neighbor. Have a heart-to-heart with your hubby or other support person about your needs and new commitment to finding a workable fitness solution.
  • Put your exercise sessions on the calendar or in your day planner. Treat exercise like any other appointment and don't cancel at the drop of a hat. Exercise is important, but each individual exercise session will never be urgent. Therefore, unless you protect and honor its spot on your schedule, it will never happen!
So...No more excuses Ladies!!! The time to start your fitness journey is TODAY!

If you need more fitness advise please email me at sarahlowefitness@bellsouth.net


BillyLowe said...

Sarah. Great blog, and yes, I'll take the stairs. I've been doing better about going to the gym, and it's nice to have you in the world of blogging.

Best to you and keep the tips coming. The information is wonderful.

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