Monday, April 19, 2010

Wii Fit Plus

Okay...Everyone has heard about the latest exercise crave by Nintendo called Wii Fit. But have you heard about Wii Fit Plus??? It has more activities and exercises! It is so much fun and I recommend it to anyone that is bored with their workout or wants to spice things up with their exercise routine. It is so personalized and can even check your Body Mass Index (BMI), your weight, balance, and so much more. It creates a workout to fit your needs and also keeps a progress chart with your daily, weekly, monthly results.

One additional comment I would like to make about the Wii Fit Plus is that it is a great motivator but you should also do a little extra working out on your own or with a trainer. Often times when we choose to workout on our own we tend to not push ourselves to the max. When you go to the gym or have someone to be accountable to it pushes you to workout harder than you would when no one is looking---at home. :-)

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