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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Aline-Most Advanced Insole

Hi everyone!

This past week I had the honor & privilege of working at the ING Marathon & Half Marathon at the Georgia Dome located in Atlanta. I worked a booth promoting a product called Aline Insoles-- initially I knew very little about. I arrived an hour early to learn as much as I possibly could about this "so-called" advanced insole. I learned that the majority of the population is truly running or walking in the wrong shoes....or shall I say....with the wrong support. You see...most people don't even realize that the reason their knees ache or back hurts is all because they do not have the proper support in their shoes. I learned that I tended to put more weight on the inside of my left foot which caused the rest of my body to be out of alignment. When your ankles aren't aligned with your knees, knees with hips, hips with back, etc...It causes the body to ache in several different places...primarily the knees, hips, back and so on...

Aline's suspension and support zones help guide your foot through its natural path of motion, aligning your body and reducing harmful slippage of the foot during forceful activities. Instead of being misdirected, your leg energy now translates into greater power and control.

Another way that I explained this insole ( in laymen terms : ) ) was like this : Your foot has a muscle in the middle...over time that muscle can become weakened by wearing shoes that aren't supportive...When this happens your body will shift your weight either to the inner or outer side of your foot ( Pronation or Supenation). This insole works to support and exercise that muscle in the middle of your foot that has lost its elasticity. Think of it as a work out for your foot. After a few days of wearing Aline Insole's, the muscle in the middle of your foot gains its strength and can now properly support and distribute your body weight accordingly.

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